Tina Rouhandeh
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Title :Scribe & Stitch “کاتب و کوک”
Solo Mixed Media Exhibition 2019 ,Queen Gallery ,Toronto ,Canada
April 3 to 13 ,2019
Opening Reception:Friday Night ,April 5 ,2019 from 7pm to 9pm
Poster Designer : Mehdi Fatehi طراح پوستر: مهدی فاتحی

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Tina Rouhandeh’s art exhibition Scribe and Stitch offers a nuanced approach to art with the fusion of calligraphy and hand stitches.

“There is art where the hand is present. The art of calligraphy and hand stitches provide a common ground for communication. They offer a dialogue with ourselves and with others; they emphasize the artist’s emotion, while at the same time conveying information more important than the artists’ feelings. The migration to Canada inspired me to reflect more on modern-day manifestations. My recent series, “Scribe and Stitches”, is the outcome of three years of experiment with fabric to connecting a traditional art form to the contemporary art. As a calligrapher, it is very important to me to increase an objective engagement with my audience and invite them to get connected with my personal world and observations through my recent artworks. Calligraphy and hand stitches carry common intense visual and haptic resonance. As a calligrapher with 15 years of experience choosing hand stitches and fabric as the international language to expressing my original ideas in a lively, personal way, I am able to communicate with the world around me and show the beauty of the art of calligraphy by hand stitches.”

  • Solo Exhibitions:

2018 Scribe & Stitches. Artspeak Gallery, Windsor, On. Canada

  • Group Exhibitions:                                    

2018      ACWR's Annual Exhibition. Artspeak Gallery. Windsor, On, Canada 

2018      Winter Fair. Queen Gallery. Toronto,On,Canada                                                

2018      ACWR's Summer Exhibition, Artspeak Gallery. Windsor. On. Canada                                       

2018      Mixed Media. University of Windsor. Windsor, On, Canada                                                   

2018      Mixed Media. University of Windsor. Windsor, On, Canada                                     

2017      ACWR's Annual Exhibition. Artspeak Gallery. Windsor, On, Canada                  

2014      Iranian Heritage Day, Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto,On,Canada

2012      Persian Calligraphy, Milad Tower Gallery. Tehran, Iran                                               

  • Workshops:


2018     100 Journals Project, Art Council & Vanguard Collective. Windsor, On, Canada. 

2018     Hold it, feel it, write it. Queen Gallery. Toronto, On,Canada.                                     

2018     St. Angela Catholic Elementary School. Windsor, On, Canada.                                                          
2016     Levigator Press Gallery. Windsor, On, Canada.
2015     Art Workshop. Bahai Center. Toronto, On, Canada.                                                                    

2014     Iranian Heritage Day, Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, On,Canada.                       

2014      Calligraphy Workshop for Junior youth. Chicago. Us.                                                                              

2013      Tigran Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, On, Canada.