Tina Rouhandeh
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Title : "Black Practice" ( Siyah Mashq) from "Scribe & Stitch" Series-2018 
عنوان: سیاه مشق از مجموعه “کاتب و کوک” نمایشکاه انفرادی -مرداد ماه 1397

“Black Practice” was inspired by a particular Persian calligraphy style “Siyáh Mashq” (Persian: lit. “black practice”), which are originally calligraphic practice sheets that covered completely with writing and is now a style of calligraphy. This meticulous piece contains more than 200 small handwritten pieces. The artist has collected these individual pieces during her 15 years of artistic career, while mastering the art of Persian calligraphy and Scribe style.

These selected handwritten pieces are the result of demanding and regular practice of 10 hours each day, in the last few years. Creating these handwritten pieces were completely improvised and unrehearsed, during which the artist was after perfecting each letter, and refining each word and how they connect together.
The combination of handwritten pieces with cloth, stitches and handmade papers, all represent the ancient tools of writing. Yet, these primitive instruments of communication, which were once humanity’s prime inventions, still create intimate connection between souls and touch our hearts in a familiar fashion. And no matter what part of the world we come from, we resonate with the inclusive nature of these tools, and the work that comes out of these can break down every bias and prejudice.(Size :170 x 70 cm)

Title : Self Portrait 1- "Kid’s of My Generation" from "Scribe & Stitch" Series

“Forough Farokhzad ““فروغ فرخزاد”

…The sun was dead
The sun was dead, and tomorrow
Was a vague lost concept in children’s mind.

They were drawing
The weirdness of this obsolete word
With a black stain in their homework.
خورشید مرده بود…”

خورشید مرده بود ، و فردادر ذهن کودکان

مفهوم گنگ گمشده ای داشت

آنها غرابت این لفظ کهنه را

در مشق های خودبا لکهء درشت سیاهی

تصویر مینمودند

“فروغ فرخزاد”

Title : Self Portrait 2-“ Relief” from “Scribe & Stitch” Series

Drawn to Stitch